Everything You Need to Know about Tooth Extractions

Everything You Need to Know about Tooth Extractions

February 1, 2023

Your best efforts in maintaining excellent dental hygiene may all seem like a waste of time when one fine morning, your dentist may recommend tooth extraction as your only option. If you receive the suggestion from the dental clinic near you, rest assured you have an infection in the tooth that is challenging to treat, and the optimal way to preserve your oral health is to extract the tooth entirely.

Many factors can contribute to dentists suggesting tooth removal. For example, dentists often recommend tooth removal even when you maintain excellent oral care.

When Do Dentists Suggest Tooth Removal?

Improper oral hygiene contributes to the dentist’s suggestions to remove a tooth. If your tooth is infected by tooth decay, severe gum disease, or damaged beyond repair, you will receive a recommendation from your dentist to prepare for tooth extraction to prevent and reduce the risk of further infection to the surrounding teeth and jeopardize your general health.

Tooth extractions also become necessary if you have overcrowding in the mouth caused by impacted wisdom teeth, primary teeth present in your mouth preventing your permanent teeth from emerging, or you need orthodontic treatment and must have a few teeth extracted to make space for your remaining teeth to move into their appropriate positions.

The Tooth Removal Procedure

Depending on your unique situation when undergoing tooth extractions near you, the dentist may suggest a simple or surgical tooth removal.

Simple extractions are performed on visible teeth resting above your gumline in a quick, painless procedure. Simple extractions are relatively straightforward, merely needing the tooth loosening by elevators before removing it with forceps.

Surgical extractions are complex and require the dentist in Largo to make a small incision in your gums and remove some gum tissue and bone to access the impacted tooth before finally extracting it with dental instruments. Surgical extractions are generally performed on impacted wisdom and broken teeth with a part remaining hidden below the gum line.

Will My Tooth Extraction Hurt?

Dentistry advances and present-day anesthetics have made tooth extractions virtually painless. Depending on whether you are receiving a simple or surgical extraction, the dentist will give you adequate anesthesia to ensure you feel no pain during the extraction. Therefore your tooth removal is unlikely to hurt until after four to six hours after losing the tooth.

Can I Drive after a Tooth Extraction?

The tooth removal procedure and the anesthesia you receive determine whether you can drive yourself back home after your process. If you have a visible tooth removed and received local anesthesia in the mouth, you can leave for home or school soon after the extraction. However, if you received more potent anesthesia for surgical removal tooth removal, the drugs make you incapable of operating vehicles and machinery. Therefore you must arrange for transportation with a friend or family member if you are scheduled for a surgical extraction.

How Long Does It Take to Recover after a Tooth Extraction?

Here again, the tooth removal procedure determines how much time you need to recover from the tooth extraction. In addition, the dentist provides after-care instructions to follow after tooth removal, which you must adhere to without exceptions. If you have undergone a surgical extraction and don’t follow your dentist’s instructions, you might become a victim of complications in your mouth and need additional treatments from the Largo dentist, increasing the tooth extraction cost and causing unnecessary pain to delay your healing.

While you can resume regular activities in about 72 hours, you must ensure you rest for a couple of days after surgical tooth removal. Recovering from the entire procedure might take a couple of months or more until the tooth socket fills. However, you can resume regular activities in a few days after getting an infected, damaged, or impacted tooth removed.

We perform Tooth Extractions near Largo, FL

If you have a dental situation needing extractions near Largo, kindly do not hesitate to contact Dr. Cecilia Sorrelle, performing tooth extractions on many patients and helps them get rid of infections in their mouths to benefit their dental health. After visiting this dentist, performing comfortable and painless tooth removals near Largo, you will overcome your fear of dental visits or tooth extractions forever.

Largo Dental Care performs tooth extractions on many patients using minimally invasive techniques and providing patients with adequate recovery instructions. If you have received a suggestion to remove a couple of teeth, consult this practice to receive treatment from an experienced dentist.

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