Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly?

Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly?

October 1, 2022

If you or a family member confronts a dental emergency beyond office hours, would you know how to react in a tricky situation? You might probably think you can wait until the daytime to visit your regular dentist to determine what’s wrong with your mouth. You might not consider seeking emergency dental care from the Largo dentist’s office, thinking they might charge higher prices to deal with a minor problem in your mouth. Can you guarantee the problem of you or your family member is insignificant and doesn’t need prompt treatment? Do you think your mouth and teeth are not parts of your body that need attention whenever you are in pain?

This article provides information on why you must deal with dental emergencies soon as they occur without waiting for the problem to aggravate before you contact dental professionals. The sooner you receive treatment for the dental situation, the better the outcome. Please continue reading about why dental emergencies need prompt attention, even from unknown dental professionals.

Save your teeth

Traumatic injuries can leave your teeth chipped or broken or, in accidental situations, even knocked out. You might think you can rush to the nearest emergency room to seek treatment for the knocked-out tooth. Unfortunately, emergency rooms do not have the staff nor the infrastructure to manage dental situations. Instead, they will likely redirect you to the dentist in Largo, providing emergency services to reinsert your tooth into its socket.

Unfortunately, if you visit emergency rooms with chipped or broken teeth, the medical professionals at the facility might not have the infrastructure or knowledge to determine what’s wrong in your mouth and might send you off with painkillers and a hefty bill for services not provided. Unfortunately, the chipped or broken teeth become breeding grounds for your mouth bacteria to penetrate and create havoc inside the tooth, making it necessary to ingest the painkillers provided and think you have gotten over the dental emergency.

The painkillers you receive from the emergency room undoubtedly provide temporary relief by controlling the pain impulses from your chipped tooth to your brain. However, painkillers are ineffective against the millions of microorganisms in your mouth that constantly penetrate the tooth and work with the intent to damage your tooth as best as possible.

Avoid Pain

You will likely experience excruciating pain whether you have a toothache or a difficult situation like a knockout tooth. For example, if you develop a dental abscess near the roots of your tooth, lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures also accompanies excruciating pain, making it challenging for you to complete everyday activities like eating or drinking. In such cases, you can avoid pain by taking over-the-counter painkillers or home remedies, helping you control the discomfort for some time before it returns with ferocity.

When you delay receiving treatment for dental pain by relying on over-the-counter generic medications, you are merely trying to seek pain relief without receiving treatment for the root cause of the pain, the dental problem. Therefore whenever you confront a dental situation and cannot reach your regular dentist, you mustn’t hesitate to contact the emergency dentist near you providing services beyond office hours and on weekends to find relief from the problem as soon as possible. Why should you seek treatment from an unknown emergency dentist?

Reduce The Risk Of Infections

What you consider an unknown emergency dentist is, in reality, a dental professional with the knowledge and infrastructure to treat any dental situation, be it a minor toothache or a dental abscess.

The emergency dentist in Largo treats dental situations frequently, meeting patients in the evenings and on weekends when other dentists, including your regular dental care provider, might take time off from their busy schedules. Emergency dentists are aware that minor issues left untreated in your mouth and teeth can aggravate severe conditions, with your mouth bacteria playing a crucial role in infecting your mouth quickly. Therefore you must aim to work faster than your mouth bacteria and get the dental emergency treated quickly without thinking that you mustn’t visit an unknown dentist.

Emergency dentistry isn’t a dental specialty but a voluntary service provided by qualified professionals like Dr. Cecilia Sorelle, who understand dental situations can strike anyone when least expected and generally make their presence felt in the evenings or on holidays. These professionals are willing and waiting to serve you to ensure they help you avoid pain, reduce your risk of infections and, most importantly, save your teeth to prevent needing replacement services.

Largo Dental One offers emergency dental services throughout the week and even on weekends by appointment. If you confront a dental situation yourself or a family member calling this practice for an appointment, you get appropriate treatment from an experienced dental professional providing you with the benefits described above.

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