Bone Grafting in Largo, FL

Missing teeth can lead to a loss of jawbone density over time. Most patients who experience such jawbone atrophy are not ideal candidates for dental implants. However, carrying out bone grafts in gums with modern dentistry techniques is possible.

A bone graft for dental implants helps strengthen the jawbone, enabling it to receive restorative implants.

What Happens During Bone Grafting?

During a bone graft procedure, our dentist in Largo will take a bone from another part of your body and graft it on the dental restoration site. With time, the grafted and the existing bone fuse together and become strong enough to receive dental implants.

A bone graft for teeth is a safe and effective procedure with several health benefits once dental implants are placed. With the new dental implants, it becomes easy for you to speak and chew, and your smile is more appealing. Our dentist can also perform a bone graft for wisdom teeth.

The dental bone graft cost depends on the condition of your jawbone and typically costs between $300 to $700.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For A Bone Implant?

If you lose bone in your gums due to tooth loss and don’t have enough bone density to receive a dental implant, you might be a good candidate for bone grafting. Here are a few characteristics of an ideal patient to receive bone grafts:

Should be in good overall health

If there is a loss of jawbone density and volume

If the jaw strength is compromised

If you are not allergic to the graft material

At Largo Dental One, we provide quality bone grafts to our patients to help them restore their smiles. Our skilled dentist is an expert at restoring lost bone, even if you have been missing teeth for years.

If you have not qualified for dental implants because of low jawbone density, we can help you by restoring the strength of your jawbone.

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