Crown Lengthening in Largo, FL

Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that dentists perform to improve the gum tissue’s health or prepare your mouth for restorative or cosmetic dental treatments. The system can also help correct a gummy smile where many teeth are covered with gums.

Crown lengthening surgery at Largo Dental One exposes more of the natural tooth by recontouring and reshaping the gum and bone.

Why Is Crown Or Teeth Lengthening Needed?

The crown extension tooth procedure is a versatile dental technology that offers many advantages. Some of the most common reasons our Largo dentist office near you might suggest crown lengthening include the following-

Restoring A Damaged Tooth

If a patient has lost a tooth below the gum line due to periodontal disease, accident, or trauma, crown lengthening can help prepare the tooth for a new restoration process. The teeth lengthening can help the dentist to install an artificial tooth without the need to extract the existing one.

Cosmetic Reasons

A gummy smile can make your teeth appear extra short and increase the risk of periodontal disease. Removing this extra gum tissue can restore your smile’s balanced and healthy look.

For Placing Dental Crowns

Lengthening the crown provides more space between the supporting jawbone and the dental crown. It prevents the newly placed crown from damaging the soft and delicate gum tissue.

What Does Crown Lengthening Involve?

Crown lengthening is a minor procedure that is performed under a local anesthetic. The time required for surgery depends on how many teeth are involved and if the dentist needs to remove any bone or soft tissues.

The procedure begins with your dentist making small incisions into the gums to separate them from the teeth. In some cases, the reshaping of the gums is enough to expose the hidden crown. In others, our dentist at Largo Dental One might need to remove a small amount of bone from around the tooth. The tissue might take weeks to months to heal after the surgery.

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