Gum Grafts In Largo, FL

Gum grafts are dental procedures that aim to cover the exposed tooth root with the help of grafted oral tissue. Recessed gums that expose the roots of the teeth lead to an increased risk of developing periodontal infections.

At Largo Dental One, we provide gum graft surgery to help you restore your oral health and get the smile you deserve.

Reasons for Gum Repair Surgery

Gum reconstruction is a common dental procedure that gives excellent results. Some reasons you might need a gum graft from a dentist in Largo include the following:

Improved Aesthetics Of Your Smile

The gum recession and inflammation due to periodontal disease can ruin the aesthetics of your smile. The gum recession can make your teeth look unnaturally long and make your smile appear ‘toothy.’

Gum grafting can help the teeth look more natural, symmetrical, and pleasing. Our dentist can also enhance and augment the adjacent tissue to enhance your smile.

Reduced Sensitivity

Exposed roots often result in increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Gum grafting surgery can permanently cover these exposed roots and reduce discomfort, pain, and sensitivity.

Improved Gum Health

Periodontal infections can jeopardize the health of your gum tissue. If the condition is left untreated, you can quickly lose a large portion of your gum tissue. Gum grafting can help reduce this tissue loss and prevent future infections that can damage your jawbones.

Types Of Gum Grafts

Our dental clinic near you can perform the following types of gum graft surgeries-

Free gingival graft: During this procedure, a small piece of tissue from your palate is applied to the affected area.

Connective tissue graft: A small piece of connective tissue from the roof of your mouth covers the exposed roots in these grafts.

Allograft or alloderm gum graft: These grafts are made from donated human tissue from a cadaver or another person.

Gum surgery cost depends on the type of grafts you receive and the number of teeth involved.

Please refer an appointment at Largo Dental One if you are searching for the safest and most reliable gum grafts near you.

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