Sinus Augmentation in Largo, FL

Dental implants are one of the best methods to restore missing and lost teeth. However, only some are ideal candidates to receive implants. At Largo Dental One, we can help such patients using sinus augmentation surgery.

The sinus lift bone graft is placed by creating a small opening into the maxillary (upper jaw) bone and lifting the sinus lining. The sinus lift surgery allows room for the bone to grow and the implant to take.

Types of Sinus Lifts

There are two types of sinus lift techniques:

Lateral Window Technique or Direct Sinus Lift

In this surgery, the dental surgeon lifts the sinus membrane to make room for the bone implant. The bone is usually taken from another part of the body. The dentist cuts the gum tissue to expose the jawbone during this procedure. A window is created by cutting the jawbone laterally to the sinus.

The dentist will then graft a bone into this window and stitch up the area. The new bone takes about 4-9 months to grow; after which you can receive implants from a dental clinic near you.

Osteotome Technique

It is a less invasive approach to sinus augmentation. In this method, the sinus lift immediately follows the dental implant placement. The procedure involves the dentist cutting a small home in the jawbone. Bone-grafting material is placed between the sinus floor and the jawbone to increase the space between them, and the implant is inserted.

The method is useful only if the jawbone can provide enough stability until the bone grows back in the empty sinus space.

Recovery From A Sinus Lift

You can expect a significant amount of swelling after a sinus augmentation procedure. The dentist will also ask you to refrain from forceful sneezing and blowing your nose. You should visit our dental office near you to ensure that the area is healing properly.

A sinus lift surgery costs between $1500 to $2500 per side, depending on your jaw’s complexities and bone density.

Please refer an appointment at Largo Dental One to learn more about sinus augmentation.

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